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Data Type : Database
DBACTIVITY_ENTRY - Database user session activity structure in the array returned from NSFDbGetUserActivity.

#include <nsfdb.h>

Definition :

typedef struct {
   TIMEDATE Time;           /* Time of record */
   WORD     Reads;          /* # of data notes read */
   WORD     Writes;         /* # of data notes written */
   DWORD    UserNameOffset; /* Offset of the user name from the
                               beginning of this memory block */
/* User names follow -- '\0' terminated */ 

Description :

This structure is returned by NSFDbGetUserActivity(). This structure holds information concerning of the number of documents a user or server read or wrote in a database during each session. NSFDbGetUserActivity() returns an array of DBACTIVITY_ENTRY structures followed by a parallel array of NULL-terminated user name strings. Use the NSFDbGetActivityUserNamePtr() macro for accessing the user name for each DBACTIVITY_ENTRY structure in the array.

See Also : DBACTIVITY NSFDbGetUserActivity NSFDbGetActivityUserNamePtr