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Data Type : Rich Text
CDHOTSPOTEND - Specifies the end of a hotspot

#include <editods.h>

Definition :

typedef struct
 BSIG Header; /* Signature and length of this record */ 

Description :

This structure specifies the end of a hot region in a rich text field. There are special cases for Release 4.x and Release 5.x hotspot records which have either Lotus Script or Release 4.x (or 5.x) actions associated with them. These hotspots contain a CDHOTSPOTBEGIN record with the signature SIG_CD_V4HOTSPOTBEGIN (or SIG_CD_V5HOTSPOTBEGIN), and a CDHOTSPOTEND record with the signature SIG_CD_V4HOTSPOTEND (or SIG_CD_V5HOTSPOTEND).

Note that rich text fields are items of type TYPE_COMPOSITE. Therefore, API programs that run on non-Intel architecture platforms must perform host/canonical conversion on CD record structures such as this when accessing rich text item data in a note.