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Data Type : Time
TFMT - Formats for character time/date string conversions.

#include <misc.h>

Definition :

typedef struct {
   BYTE Date;  /* Date Display Format */
   BYTE Time;  /* Time Display Format */
   BYTE Zone;      /* Time Zone Display Format    */
   BYTE Structure; /* Overall Date/Time Structure */

Description :

This structure holds the format for character time/date strings. You set up this structure based on the time/date format you want to use. Definitions for the various fields of this structure are found in TDFMT_xxx, TTFMT_xxx, TZFMT_xxx, and TSFMT_xxx.

See Also : ConvertTextToTIMEDATE ConvertTIMEDATEToText TDFMT_xxx TSFMT_xxx TTFMT_xxx TZFMT_xxx