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Function : Time
ConvertTIMEDATEPAIRToText - Converts binary TIMEDATE_PAIR to a character text string.

#include <misc.h>

    const void far *IntlFormat,
    const TFMT far *TextFormat,
    const TIMEDATE_PAIR far *InputTime,
    char far *retTextBuffer,
    WORD  TextBufferLength,
    WORD far *retTextLength);
Description :

This function converts a Domino binary TIMEDATE_PAIR structure into a character text string. The character text string consists of two date strings separated by " - ".

You may also optionally request a non-standard format for the output string by setting up a TFMT or INTLFORMAT structures. Use NULL if the standard "current" settings is acceptable.

Parameters : Input : IntlFormat - The internationalization settings in effect. You retrieve these settings in an INTLFORMAT structure returned during a call to OSGetIntlSettings. This argument is a void pointer to the INTLFORMAT. Can be NULL, in which case this function invokes OSGetIntlSettings and works with those settings for the duration of this call.

TextFormat - A pointer to a TFMT structure -- which specifies the desired format of the character converted time/date string. Can be NULL, in which case this function creates a temporary version of the required TFMT structure and assigns the following values to its members:

td_format_ptr->Date = TDFMT_FULL; td_format_ptr->Time = TTFMT_FULL; td_format_ptr->Zone = TZFMT_NEVER; td_format_ptr->Structure = TSFMT_DATETIME;

InputTime - A pointer to the Domino binary time/date structure that you want to convert.

TextBufferLength - The length of the buffer pointed to by retTextBuffer minus one(1) or usually MAXALPHATIMEDATEPAIR.

Output : (routine) - Return status from this call -- indicates either success or what the error is. The return codes include:

NOERROR - conversion successful. ERR_BUFFER_OVERFLOW - Output Buffer Overflow. ERR_TDO_CONV - Invalid Time or Date Encountered. ERR_IFMT - Invalid International Format Specifier. ERR_TFMT - Invalid Time/Date Format Specifier.

retTextBuffer - The address of a text buffer in which the character text time/date result of the conversion is returned. The buffer must be declared with a length of (MAXALPHATIMEDATEPAIR) + 1. This includes 1 for a future NULL terminator. The returned text is not NULL terminated.

retTextLength - The address of a WORD in which the length of the converted character time/date pair text is returned.

Sample Usage :

   /* Convert Time/Date Pair to Text */
   binary_td_pair.Lower.Innards[0] = binary_td2.Innards[0];
   binary_td_pair.Lower.Innards[1] = binary_td2.Innards[1];
   binary_td_pair.Upper.Innards[0] = binary_td3.Innards[0];
   binary_td_pair.Upper.Innards[1] = binary_td3.Innards[1];
   td_string_ptr = &td_string_pair[0];
   if (error_status = ConvertTIMEDATEPAIRToText(&intl_format,
                                   &td_format, &binary_td_pair,
                                   td_string_ptr, MAXALPHATIMEDATEPAIR,
       goto Exit;
See Also : ConvertTextToTIMEDATEPAIR OSCurrentTIMEDATE OSGetIntlSettings TYPE_xxx [TIME_RANGE]