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Function : Database
NSFDbCopy - Copies notes from one database to another.

#include <nsfdb.h>

    TIMEDATE  Since,
    WORD  NoteClassMask);
Description :

This function copies notes from one database to another. You may specify two conditions that will filter which notes are copied: a cutoff time/date, and a NOTE_CLASS_xxx mask.

The Cutoff Date and Cutoff Interval (from the Replication Settings) are copied from the source database to the destination database along with the selected notes.

To create a replica copy of a database, use NSFDbCopyExtended with the Flag DBCOPY_REPLICA.

Please note that NSFDbCopy does not copy the ACL or the database information buffer to the destination database. These operations can be completed using the appropriate Database API functions.

Parameters : Input : hSrcDB - The handle of the souce database.

hDstDB - The handle of the destination database.

Since - A TIMEDATE structure that specifies the earliest note that is copied. To copy all notes, use TimeConstant() with the TimeConstantType argument set to TIMEDATE_WILDCARD.

NoteClassMask - The classes of notes that are copied. Note classes are defined by the bit masks, NOTE_CLASS_xxx, and may be OR'ed together to copy more than one class of notes.

Output : (routine) - Return status from this call -- indicates either success, or what the error is. The return codes include:


Sample Usage :

       /* if New DB from a template */
       if (error_status = NSFDbCopy(db_handle_src, db_handle_dst,
                              copy_cutoff_td, NOTE_CLASS_ALLNONDATA))
           goto Exit;
       if (error_status = NSFDbCopyTemplateACL(db_handle_src,
                              db_handle_dst, user_name,
           goto Exit;
See Also : NSFDbCopyACL NSFDbCopyTemplateACL NSFDbInfoGet NSFDbInfoSet NSFDbReplicaInfoGet NSFDbReplicaInfoSet NOTE_CLASS_xxx