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Function : Extension Manager
NSFNoteOpenExtendedEMCallback - Extension Manager callback for EM_NSFNOTEOPENEXTENDED

#include <extmgr.h>
STATUS LNPUBLIC NSFNoteOpenExtendedEMCallback(

    NOTEID  NoteID,
    DWORD  flags,
    DWORD  SinceSeqNum,
    BYTE *pKey,
    HANDLE *rtn);
Description :

EM_NSFNOTEOPENEXTENDED is a Notes internal, extended form of NSFNoteOpen and NSFNoteOpenExt.

Parameters : Input : hDB - The handle of the open database that contains the note.

NoteID - The ID of the note you want to open.

flags - Flags that control the manner in which the note is opened. The flags are defined in OPEN_xxx (note) and may be or'ed together to combine functionality.

SinceSeqNum - This parameter is used to return only those items stored after it's sequence value and is used by the replicator.

pKey - This parameter is needed to open a link note stored by the mail router for single message store.

Output : (routine) -

rtn - A handle to the open note.

See Also : EM_xxx