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Function : Access Control List
ACLInvertPriv - Inverts the given bit in an ACL_PRIVILEGES structure.

#include <acl.h>
void ACLInvertPriv(

    WORD  Num);
Description :

This is a macro that inverts the given bit in an ACL_PRIVILEGES structure. If the bit was originally set, it is cleared. If the bit was originally cleared, it is set.

Parameters : Input : Priv - Privilege bit mask. The privilege bit mask is a structure where each bit represents a role that may be set for each entry in an access control list. The first five bits (bit number 0 through 4) are reserved for the five "privilege levels", used in versions of Notes before Release 3. Each of the other bits maps to a role name. Roles are assigned to an access control list entry by setting the appropriate bits in the privilege bit mask.

Num - The bit number (0 through ACL_PRIVCOUNT - 1) of the bit to be inverted.

Output : (routine) - none

Priv - The resulting privilege bit mask with the desired bit inverted (cleared if originally set; set if originally cleared).

See Also : ACL_PRIVILEGES ACLSetPriv ACLClearPriv ACLIsPrivSet