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Data Type : Access Control List
NAMES_LIST - User names list structure

#include <acl.h>

Definition :

typedef struct {
   WORD        NumNames;      /* Number of names in list */
   LICENSEID   License;       /* User's license - now obsolete */
                              /* MUST BE ZERO. */
   #if defined(UNIX) || defined(OS2_2x) || defined(W32)
   DWORD       Authenticated; /* Authentication flags */
   WORD        Authenticated;

/* Names follow as packed null-terminated strings. First name is Username.
   Subsequent names are ALL the group names that User is a member
   of (directly or indirectly). */

Description :

Contains information used by ACLLookupAccess to look up the access level of the user associated with this strucuture.

    See NAMES_LIST_xxx for posiible values for the Authenticated member of this structure.

See Also : ACLLookupAccess NAMES_LIST_xxx