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Symbolic Value : MIME
MIME_PART_xxx - MIME_PART - dwFlags

#include <mimeods.h>

Symbolic Values :

MIME_PART_HAS_BOUNDARY    -  Mime part has boundary.

MIME_PART_HAS_HEADERS     -  Mime part has headers.

MIME_PART_BODY_IN_DBOBJECT    -  Mime part has body in database object.

MIME_PART_SHARED_DBOBJECT     -  Mime part has shared database object. Used only with MIME_PART_BODY_IN_DBOBJECT.

MIME_PART_SKIP_FOR_CONVERSION     -  Skip for conversion.

Description :

Possible values for the dwFlags member of the MIME_PART structure.

See Also : MIME_PART