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Data Type : Item (Field)
ITEM_VALUE_TABLE - Header for lists of data values

#include <nsfdata.h>

Definition :

typedef struct {
   USHORT Length; /* total length of this buffer */
   USHORT Items;  /* number of items in the table */
/* now comes an array of WORDS representing
   the lengths of the item values. */
/* now comes the item values as packed bytes */

Description :

This is the header for lists of values with a variable number of entries having variable sizes. The fields in the structure are:

Length - Total length of the block of memory.

Items - Number of items in the table.

This structure is followed by an array of WORD values containing the lengths, in bytes, of the data items; there is one WORD for each item in the table. The data length table is followed, in turn, by a packed sequence of item values. Each item value includes the item's datatype. The item's datatype is stored in the first USHORT of each item value.

See Also : NIFReadEntries READ_MASK_xxx