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Function : OS Program
OSLoadProgram - Load and execute an external Program.

#include <osmisc.h>

    char far *filename,
    char far *WorkingDir,
    char far *Arguments,
    WORD  Flags);
Description :

This function loads and executes an external Program. Use OSLoadProgram to load and execute software modules at run time.

OSLoadProgram provides C API programs with a platform-independent procedure for loading and executing a program.

Starting with Release 4.6, the command line is assumed to be in LMBCS, the Lotus Multi-Byte Character Set, and is translated to the operating system's native character set before being passed to the called program.

Parameters : Input : filename - File name of the executable program to load and execute.

WorkingDir - If "WorkingDir" is not NULL, the specified directory is made to be the current directory before program execution, else it is the directory that the program lives in.

Arguments - Optional command line arguments to be used when launching the program. The command line arguments are translated from LMBCS to the native character set.

Flags - Define how to execute the program. Use one of the OS_LOADPROG_xxx flags symbolic values.

Output : (routine) - Completion status of the operation, NOERROR if successful.

Sample Usage :

STATUS error;
char ProgramPath[MAXPATH];

/* Set your program  pathname  ProgramPath */
            < ..............>

/* Load the program  with "-w" command line argument: */

 error = OSLoadProgram(ProgramPath, NULL, "-w", Flags);
See Also : OS_LOADPROG_xxx