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Symbolic Value : Import/Export
IMPKG_xxx - Offsets within PKG_IMPORT for imports.

#include <globerr.h>

Symbolic Values :

IMPKG_IFL     -  Offset for CGM image import facility.

IMPKG_IPCX    -  Offset for PCX image import facility.

IMPKG_IPIC    -  Offset for Lotus PIC import facility.

IMPKG_IRTF    -  Offset for RTF import facility.

IMPKG_ISTF    -  Offset for STF import facility.

IMPKG_ISTR    -  Offset for Structured Text import facility

IMPKG_ITAB    -  Offset for Tabular Text export facility.

IMPKG_ITARGA      -  Offset for TARGA import facility.

IMPKG_ITEXT   -  Offset for Text import facility.

IMPKG_ITIFF   -  Offset for TIFF Image import facility.

IMPKG_IW4W    -  Offset for Word for Windows import facility.

IMPKG_IWKSE   -  Offset for Lotus 1-2-3 import facility, view level import.

IMPKG_IWKSV   -  Offset for Lotus 1-2-3 import facility, edit level import.

IMPKG_IWMF    -  Offset for WMF import facility.

IMPKG_IBMP    -  Offset for BMP import facility.

IMPKG_IGIF    -  Offset for GIF image import facility.

IMPKG_ISTRNGS     -  Offset for Binary with Text import facility.

IMPKG_IJPEG   -  Offset for JPEG image import facility.

IMPKG_ALL     -  Offset for 20 common strings shared by all Notes import/export modules

Description :

On the Mac, since all ixports are compiled into Notes, their strings must have unique IDs, we avoid using a separate PKG for each by defining the offset of each ixport's first string. Under Windows and PM, since each ixport is a separate DLL with separate DS space, all offsets are set to 0.

NOTE: W4W and WMF are not to be ported to the Mac, therefore no offsets are provided for them.

See Also : EXPKG_xxx