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Function : OS Memory
OSMemGetSize - Get the size of a Domino memory object.

#include <osmem.h>

    DHANDLE  Handle,
    DWORD far *retSize);
Description :

OsMemGetSize is used to get the size of an object in bytes. This function may return a size larger than the object was originally allocated, in the event that the operating system rounded up the size to the nearest allocation boundary.

Calling this routine with a HANDLE that is invalid or out of range will result in a Notes PANIC Halt.

Parameters : Input : Handle - Handle for the object whose size is to be returned

Output : (routine) - Completion status of the operation -- Always returns NOERROR. There is no need to check the return value.

retSize - The address of a DWORD in which the object size in bytes will be returned.

See Also : OSMemAlloc OSMemRealloc OSMemFree