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Function : Item (Field)
NSFItemGetLong - Return value of TYPE_NUMBER item as a LONG.

#include <nsfnote.h>

    NOTEHANDLE  note_handle,
    const char far *number_item_name,
    LONG  number_item_default);
Description :

This function takes a handle to an open note, the name for the item whose value you wish to get and a default value to be returned by the function.

Parameters : Input : note_handle - A handle to an open note in memory.

number_item_name - A pointer to a null-terminated item name.

number_item_default - The default value to be returned by the function if the item is not present.

Output : (routine) - If TYPE_NUMBER item is present, return the value coerced as a LONG. If item is not present, return the default value provided in the third argrument.

Sample Usage :

/* Print ULONG ITEM */

   if (NSFItemIsPresent(note1_handle,ULONG_ITEM, strlen(ULONG_ITEM)))
       printf("%s: %lu\n", ULONG_ITEM,
              (NSFItemGetLong(note1_handle, ULONG_ITEM, 0L)));
See Also : NSFItemGetNumber NSFItemLongCompare NSFItemSetNumber NSFNoteClose NSFNoteOpen