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Symbolic Value : Resource Definition
limitedasciitext - Assign an error code number to a text string.

#include <globerr.h>

Symbolic Values :

Description :

Assigns the given error code to the given text string. When language compiling, the macro actually amounts to nothing more than a comment. When resource compiling a module (RC), the macro is used to map error code numbers to a corresponding text string.

    /* "limitedasciitext" designates text which is constrained to a limited
    subset of a platform character set. One use of this macro is for strings used as
    part of Internet protocols which do not allow for non-platform character text.
    The exact limitations will vary with usage, but will usually be
    restricted to 7-bit character, excluding '\0'. These strings MAY be
    translated to other languages, but must keep within the limited text
    characters allowed. For example, translation into French is permitted,
    but no accented characters may be used.

    #define limitedasciitext(code,text)

See Also : errortext helptext stringtext apitext debugtext internaltext blocktext semtext donottranslatetext