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Function : OS Environment Variables
OSSetEnvironmentTIMEDATE - Set a given environment variable to a provided TIMEDATE value.

#include <osenv.h>
void OSSetEnvironmentTIMEDATE(

    const char *EnvVariable,
    TIMEDATE *td);
Description :

Set a TIMEDATE for an environment variable. This routine writes the given TIMEDATE into the given environment variable. If NULL is provided for a value to set, the current TIMEDATE is sent the to the given environment variable.

Parameters : Input : EnvVariable - Name of environment variable (ASCIZ).

td - TIMEDATE to set.

Sample Usage :

    /* LastWeekFriday is a TIMEDATE set to a date in the past, say.*/ 

    OSSetEnvironmentTIMEDATE ("LAST_FRIDAY_DATE", &LastWeekFriday); 
    OSSetEnvironmentTIMEDATE ("TODAY_DATE", NULL); 
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