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Symbolic Value : Rich Text
PABFLAG3_xxx - Values for DWORD extension to CDPABDEFINITION

#include <editods.h>

Symbolic Values :

PABFLAG3_HIDE_EE      -  Hide when embedded.

PABFLAG3_HIDE_MOBILE      -  Hide from mobile clients.

PABFLAG3_LAYER_USES_DRM   -  True if boxes in a layer have set PABFLAG_DISPLAY_RM on pabs.

Description :

If the Flags2 member of CDPABDEFINITION is set to PABFLAG2_MORE_FLAGS, the CDPABDEFINITION may be followed by a DWORD extension. If the value of this DWORD extension is EXTENDEDPABFLAGS3, then a second DWORD extension may be present . These DWORD extensions follow the six R5 margin extension WORDs, if they are present.

    If the second DWORD extension is set to PABFLAG3_HIDE_EE, hide when embedded. If it is set to PABFLAG3_HIDE_MOBILE, hide from mobile clients. It is set to PABFLAG3_LAYER_USES_DRM if boxes in a layer have set PABFLAG_DISPLAY_RM for the Flags member of CDPABDEFINITION.