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Function : Extension Manager
ConflictHandlerEMCallback - Extension Manager callback for EM_NSFCONFLICTHANDLER

#include <extmgr.h>
STATUS LNPUBLIC ConflictHandlerEMCallback(

    HANDLE  hDb,
    HANDLE  hOldNote,
    HANDLE  hNewNote,
    DWORD *pAction);
Description :

EM_NSFCONFLICTHANDLER notifies you that a replication conflict has occurred.

Parameters : Input : hDb - Database Handle

hOldNote - Original Note Handle

hNewNote - New Note Handle

Output : (routine) -

pAction -
CONFLICT_ACTION_MERGE - Have Domino or Notes try to merge CONFLICT_ACTION_HANDLE - User handled the conflict (zero) - Proceed with Conflict in normal manner

See Also : EM_xxx