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Function : OOO
OOOEnable - This function changes the state of the OOO functionality as indicated by the bState variable.

#include <oooapi.h>

    OOOCTXPTR *pOOOContext,
    BOOL  bState);
Description :

This function changes the state of the OOO functionality as indicated by the bState variable.If the OOO functionality is already in the state indicated by the bState flag, this function does nothing and returns success.
When you need to enable OOO (i.e. call it with bState flag set to TRUE) you should call OOOSetAwayPeriod prior to calling OOOEnable. If OOOSetAwayPeriod is not called, OOOEnable will use the previous value for start and end. If they are in the past then the OOO functionality will not be enabled.When you need to disable OOO (i.e. call it with bState set to FALSE) OOOSetAwayPeriod does not need to be called. When OOOEnable is called with the bState set to FALSE it means you want to disable OOO immediately. If you dont want to disable OOO functionality immediately, but rather you just want to change the time when OOO should stop operating, the sequence of calls is : OOOStartOperation, OOOSetAwayPeriod, OOOEndOperation.If OOO is configured to run as a service and OOOEnable is used to disable, the OOO service will be auto-disabled immediately. The summary report will be generated on the first email received after the disable has been requested, or if no messages are received it will generated during the nightly router maintenance. If OOO is configured as an agent, the user will receive a summary report and a request to disable the agent on the next scheduled run of the agent will occur.

Parameters : Input : pOOOContext - pointer obtained from the OOOStartOperation call

bState - boolean value TRUE to enable, FALSE to disable

Output : (routine) - Return status from this call - indicates either success or what the error is. NOERROR - Successfully performed this operationThis function can return Domino errors. OOO specific errors: ERR_OOO_MISSING_INIT - OOOGetState was called prior to OOOInit() ERR_OOO_MISSING_PARAM - One or more mandatory parameters were not specified ERR_OOO_MISSING_MAILFILE - Mailfile information is not specified ERR_OOO_NOACCESS - User access is below Editor. OOO is supported for Editor or higher. ERR_AGENT_SEC_CONFIGURATION Error in agent configuration. This message is suitable for display to the end user, it informs them of a problem and requests to alert the administrator. There is an additional message generated to the server console and DDM which has considerably more technical details on how to repair the configuration.

See Also : OOOStartOperation OOOEndOperation