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Symbolic Value : Calendaring and Scheduling
SCHRQST_xxx - Option flags for scheduling.

#include <schedule.h>

Symbolic Values :

SCHRQST_COMPOSITE     -  Return composite schedule.

SCHRQST_EACHPERSON    -  Return each person's schedule.

SCHRQST_LOCAL     -  Do only local lookup.

SCHRQST_FORCEREMOTE   -  Force remote lookups even if workstation based mail.

SCHRQST_EXTFORMAT     -  Get busytime in the SCHED_ENTRY_EXT format instead of the pre-Domino 6 SCHED_ENTRY format . Note that this flag does not guarantee that data will be in SCHED_ENTRY_EXT format. Pre-Domino 6 busytime data will remain in SCHED_ENTRY format. To determine which format is used, check the Spare member of the SCHED_LIST structure. If 0, the data is in SCHED_ENTRY format, otherwise the data is in SCHED_ENTRY_EXT format.

Description :

Option flags used in scheduling API calls such as SchRetrieve.

See Also : SCHED_LIST SchRetrieve SchSrvRetrieve SchSrvRetrieveExt