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Symbolic Value : OS Program
OS_LOADPROG_xxx - OSLoadProgram - Flags

#include <osmisc.h>

Symbolic Values :

OS_LOADPROG_ICONIC    -  Don't show application window

OS_LOADPROG_BACKGROUND    -  Don't bring to the foreground

OS_LOADPROG_DEBUG     -  Start with QNC

OS_LOADPROG_DETACHED      -  Don't wait around for this process to exit

OS_LOADPROG_ASSOCIATE     -  Look for a file type association

OS_LOADPROG_PRIORITY_LOW      -  Start process with a lower priority

OS_LOADPROG_SHELL_SCRIPT_USE_EXECVP   -  Flag to signal a shell script, so we can use execvp instead of execv. Currently in use only on AIX

OS_LOADPROG_OPEN_WITH     -  Flag to add the necessary things to do an open with command. Currently on use only on NT

Description :

These symbols define how to execute the program in a call to OSLoadProgram.

See Also : OSLoadProgram