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Function : Composite Data
EnumCompositeFile - Call action routine for each Composite Data record in a file.

#include <ods.h>
STATUS LNPUBLIC EnumCompositeFile(

    char far *Filename,
    void far *vContext);
Description :

This function parses a CD file containing an item of type TYPE_COMPOSITE. For each CD record in this item, it calls an action routine specified by the user.
Since each CD record may have a different header and a different length, parsing a CD buffer is fairly complex. Therefore, this function is the recommended way to access the CD records that constitute a TYPE_COMPOSITE item.

This function takes, as input, the filename of a CD file, the address of an Action Routine (the Action Routine is supplied by the user), and the address of any data (for context) that is to be passed to the Action Routine. It then calls the Action Routine once for each CD record in the item, until the entire item is processed.

Parameters : Input : Filename - Filename of CD file.

ActionRoutine - A pointer to an Action Routine. The following is a template for the action routine specification:

ActionRoutine(char far RecordPtr, WORD RecordType, DWORD RecordLength, void far vContext);

EnumCompositeFile calls the Action Routine with arguments describing each Composite Data record in the TYPE_COMPOSITE (Rich Text) item.

The first argument is a (char far *) pointer to the current Composite Data record. The second is a SIG_CD_xxx signature WORD. The third argument is the DWORD length of the object pointed to by the first argument. The fourth argument is a pointer to user data. It is supplied as input to EnumCompositeFile (fourth argument). This provides a way to pass context data to the Action Routine.

vContext - A pointer to user data. This pointer is then passed to the Action Routine. It provides a way to pass non-global data to the Action Routine.

Output : (routine) - Return indicates either success or what the error is. The return codes include:

NOERROR - Composite Data successfully enumerated. ERR_ODS_ENUM_COMPLETE - upon successful enumeration of all Composite Data (CD) records in the file ERR_DATATYPE - if file does not contain an item of TYPE_COMPOSITE ERR_xxx - STATUS returned from a lower-level Domino function called in the action routine and passed back.

Sample Usage :


 * typedef a pointer to the action routine.

   typedef STATUS (LNCALLBACKPTR ActionRoutine)(char far *,
                                                void far *);

   ActionRoutine Action;  /* Pointer to action routine for
                             EnumCompositeFile.           */
   char CDFileName[] = "";

 * Get pointer to the action routine to be invoked by
 * EnumCompositeFile.

   Action = (ActionRoutine) MakeProcInstance(FormFields, hInst);

 * For each CD record found in the Body of the Form note,
 * EnumCompositeFile will invoke the action routine FormFields.

   sError = EnumCompositeFile( CDFileName,

See Also : ConvertItemToCompositeExt EnumCompositeBuffer