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Data Type : DSAPI
FilterAuthenticatedUser - DSAPI Filter authenticated user structure.

#include <dsapi.h>

Definition :

typedef struct {
    FilterAuthenticatedUserFields  fieldFlags;
    char      *pUserCannonicalName;
    char      *pWebUserName;
    char      *pUserPassword;
    char      *pUserGroupList;

Description :

The FilterAuthenticatedUser structure is used by the ServerSupport callback functionality of the FilterContext. see FilterContext for more information

    fieldFlags - (Input) Flags specifying which fields to retrieve. see FilterAuthenticatedUserFields
    pUserCannonicalName - (Output) Set to the cannonical name of an authenticated user if fieldFlags contains the value kCannonicalUserName, NULL otherwise.
    pWebUserName - (Output) Set to the web user name if fieldFlags contains the value kWebUserName, NULL otherwise.
    pUserPassword - (Output) Set to the web user password if fieldFlags contain the value kUserPassword, NULL otherwise.
    pUserGroupList - (Output) Set to the user's group name list if fieldFlags contains the value kUserGroupList, NULL otherwise.

See Also : FilterAuthenticatedUserFields FilterContext