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Function : Distinguished Name
DNAbbreviate - Abbreviates a canonical distinguished name.

#include <dname.h>

    DWORD  Flags,
    const char far *TemplateName,
    const char far *InName,
    char far *OutName,
    WORD  OutSize,
    WORD far *OutLength);
Description :

This function converts a distinguished name in canonical format to abbreviated format. A fully distinguished name is in canonical format - it contains all possible naming components. The abbreviated format of a distinguished name removes the labels from the naming components.

Parameters : Input : Flags - Abbreviation flags. Use 0L if no flags are desired. See Symbolic Value, DN_ABBREV.

TemplateName - Currently not supported. Always pass in NULL for this argument.

InName - Pointer to the null terminated canonicalized distinguished name that is to be abbreviated. If this name includes non-standard components or is a non-distinguished name with no included domain name, the returned name is a copy of the input name.

OutSize - Size of the OutName buffer.

Output : (routine) - Return status of the call - indicates either success or what the error is. The return codes include:


ERR_xxx - Error returned by lower level functions. Call OSLoadString to interpret the code.

OutName - Pointer to the returned abbreviated name string (null terminated). This string must be allocated by the caller. A buffer size of MAXUSERNAME is sufficient.

OutLength - Optional. Pointer to the returned length of the returned abbreviated name string. Use NULL if this information is not needed.

Sample Usage :

#define DNAME_JAYNE \                                 
"CN=Jayne Doe/OU=Inside Sales/OU=Sales/O=ABCorp/C=US" 

/* ..... */

char AbbrevName[MAXUSERNAME];
WORD retLen;

error = DNAbbreviate (0L,                                                
                      NULL,                /* user's template */      
                      DNAME_JAYNE,         /* distinguished name to   
                                              be abbreviated */       
                      AbbrevName,          /* abbreviated name */     
                      MAXUSERNAME,         /* max output length */    
                      &retLen);            /* returned output len */ 
See Also : DNCanonicalize DNParse DN_ABBREV_xxx