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Data Type : Replica Info
REPLHIST_SUMMARY - Replication history summary structure in the array returned from NSFDbGetReplHistorySummary

#include <nsfdb.h>

Definition :

typedef struct {
    TIMEDATE ReplicationTime; /* Time returned from last replciation */
    WORD  AccessLevel;  /* Access level at time of replication */
    WORD  AccessFlags;  /* Access flags at time of replication */
    WORD  Direction;  /* NEVER, SEND, RECEIVE */
    DWORD  ServerNameOffset; /* Server name offset in packed data */
    WORD  ServerNameLength; /* Server name length in packed data */
    WORD  FileNameLength; /* File name length in packed data */
         /* Total server!!file length is */ 
         /* ServerNameLength + FileNameLength + 2 */
         /* to compensate for the !! separator */
    WORD  MoreInfo;  /* contains MoreInfo from cache - includes complete 
replication flag */
    WORD  wSpare;  /* Room for growth */
    DWORD  dwSpare;  /* Room for growth */
         /* Server/file name pairs follow as */
         /* "<server name>!!<file name>" with */
         /* NULL after each pairing */

Description :

This structure is returned by NSFDbGetReplHistorySummary(). NSFDbGetReplHistorySummary() returns an array of REPLHIST_SUMMARY structures followed by the packed server and database filename data. This data is in the format, <server name>!!<database filename>, with a NULL terminator at the end of the database filename. Use the NSFGetSummaryServerNamePtr() and NSFGetSummaryFileNamePtr() macros for accessing the packed data following the REPLHISTORY_SUMMARY array.

See Also : NSFGetSummaryFileNamePtr NSFGetSummaryServerNamePtr NSFDbGetReplHistorySummary