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Ldap get values len

Function : LDAP
ldap_get_values_len - Retrieve the values of a given attribute.

#include <ldap.h>
struct berval **LNPUBLIC ldap_get_values_len(

    LDAP *ld,
    LDAPMessage *entry,
    const char *target);
Description :

This function is used to retrieve the values of a given attribute from an entry and is suitable for use with any kind of data.

Note that the values returned are dynamically allocated and SHOULD be freed by calling ldap_value_free_len when no longer in use.

Implemented as a macro:

define ldap_get_values_len(ld, entry, target) ND_ldap_get_values_len((ld),

(entry), (target))

Parameters : Input : ld - The LDAP session handle.

entry - The entry from which to retrieve values, as returned by ldap_first_entry or ldap_next_entry.

target - The attribute whose values are to be retrieved, as returned by ldap_first_attribute or ldap_next_attribute, or a caller supplied string (e.g., "mail").

Output : (routine) - A pointer to a berval structure containing the given attribute values.

NULL - If no values are found or if an error occurs.

See Also : ldap_count_values ldap_count_values_len ldap_first_attribute ldap_first_entry ldap_get_values ldap_next_attribute ldap_next_entry ldap_value_free ldap_value_free_len