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Data Type : Composite Data
CDCGMMETA - Start of a CGM Metafile Record

#include <editods.h>

Definition :

typedef struct {
   LSIG     Header;       /* Signature and Length */
   SWORD    mm;           /* CGM mapping mode (see CGM_MAPMODE_xxx) */
   SWORD    xExt,yExt;    /* Extents, in world coordinates */
   RECTSIZE OriginalSize; /* Original display size, in twips */
   /* CGM Metafile bits follow (must be <= 64K bytes total) */

Description :

Identifies a CGM metafile embedded in a rich text field. This record must be preceded by a CDGRAPHIC record. A CDCGMMETA record may contain all or part of a CGM metafile, and is limited to 65,536 bytes (64K).

Header Tag identifying this as a CDCGMMETA record
mm CGM mapping mode - currently must be CGM_MAPMODE_ABSTRACT
xExt Width of drawing in world coordinates
yExt Height of drawing in world coordinates
OriginalSize Original display size of metafile, measured in "twips" (1/1440 inch)

This header is followed by up to 64K of metafile data.