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Symbolic Value : Constants
fFRxxx - CDFRAME - Flags

#include <fsods.h>

Symbolic Values :

fFRBorderEnable   -  Set if BorderEnable is specified.

fFRMarginWidth    -  Set if MarginWidth is specified.

fFRMarginHeight   -  Set if MarginHeight is specified.

fFRFrameBorderColor   -  Set if FrameBorderColor is specified.

fFRScrolling      -  Set if ScrollBarStyle is specified.

fFRNotesOnlyBorder    -  Set if frame has a caption.

fFRNotesOnlyArrows    -  Set if frame wants arrows shown in Notes.

fFRNotesOpenPercent   -  Open value specified for Border caption is in percent.

fFRNotesInitialFocus      -  Set if frame wants initial focus.

fFRNotesReadingOrder      -  Set if this fram caption reading order is Right to Left.

Description :

See Also : CDFRAME