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Function : HTML
HTMLLockAndFixupReference - Prepare a reference for use.

#include <htmlapi.h>

    MEMHANDLE  hRef,
    HTMLAPIReference **ppRef);
Description :

1) This needs to be called before the reference information can be

accessed. - does not use HTMLHANDLE. 2) caller is responsible for unlocking the MEMHANDLE.

Parameters : Input : hRef - memory handle to reference list (this was returned from HTMLGetReference). If this is NULLMEMHANDLE then nothing happens (no error status)

Output : (routine) - NOERROR - Successful. ERR_xxx - Errors returned by lower level functions. Call to OSLoadString to interpret the error status as a string that you may display/log for the user.

ppRef - ppRef - is the address of a pointer. The pointer will be set to point into the locked and fixedup memory. If hRef is not null then this must not be null

Sample Usage :

    STATUS rslt = NOERRPR;
    FILE *m_pLogFile;
    HTMLHANDLE cvtr;
    DWORD retval;
    unsigned int refi;
    MEMHANDLE hRef = 0;
    HTMLAPIReference *pRef = 0;
    char *LogInfoFormat = "%s%d\n"; 
    rslt = HTMLGetProperty(cvtr, HTMLAPI_PROP_NUMREFS, &retval);
    fprintf(m_pLogFile, LogInfoFormat, "<HAPI:RefList count=", retval); 

    for ( refi = 0 ; refi < retval; refi++ )
        rslt = HTMLGetReference(cvtr, refi, &hRef);
      PrintLogInfo("Error in Getting Reference");
      return rslt;

     rslt = HTMLLockAndFixupReference(hRef, &pRef);
      PrintLogInfo("Error in Lock And Fixup Reference");
      return rslt;

     fprintf(m_pLogFile, "%s%d%s\n", "<Reference N=\"", refi, "\"");
     fprintf(m_pLogFile, LogInfoFormat, " Type:     ", pRef->RefType);
     fprintf(m_pLogFile, LogInfoFormat, " CmdId:    ", pRef->CommandId);
     fprintf(m_pLogFile, LogInfoFormat, " Text:     ", pRef->pRefText);
     fprintf(m_pLogFile, LogInfoFormat, " NTargets: ", pRef->NumTargets);

        // show the target components of one reference.
        nTargets = pRef->NumTargets;
See Also : HTMLAPIReference HTMLAPI_REF_TYPE HTMLCreateConverter HTMLGetReference