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Ldap get dn

Function : LDAP
ldap_get_dn - Retrieve the name of an entry.

#include <ldap.h>
char *LNPUBLIC ldap_get_dn(

    LDAP *ld,
    LDAPMessage *entry);
Description :

This function is used to retrieve the distinguished name of an entry.

Implemented as a macro:

define ldap_get_dn(ld, entry) ND_ldap_get_dn((ld), (entry))

Parameters : Input : ld - The LDAP session handle.

entry - The entry whose name is to be retrieved, as returned by ldap_first_entry or ldap_next_entry.

Output : (routine) - A pointer to newly allocated space containg the DN. The caller SHOULD free this space by calling ldap_memfree when it is no longer in use. Note the root DN is returned as a zero length string ("").

NULL - If there is some error parsing the dn, setting error parameters in the session handle ld to indicate the error.

Sample Usage :

      if ( (sdn = ldap_get_dn( ld, e )) != NULL )
          printf( "\tdn: %s\n", sdn );
          ldap_memfree( sdn );
See Also : ldap_dn2ufn ldap_explode_dn ldap_explode_rdn ldap_first_entry ldap_next_entry