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Known Problems, Corrections, and Additions 14.0.0

Chapter 0-3
Known Problems, Corrections, and Additions 14.0.0


This chapter lists known problems and last-minute corrections and additions.

The following problems exist in HCL Notes/Domino 14.0.0 for all platforms. These problems are visible during C API function calls. They are not problems with the HCL C API Toolkit for Domino and Notes itself but with the underlying Domino and Notes core routines that implement C API functions.

Future releases of Domino and Notes may fix these problems. When they are fixed (and you install the new version of Domino or Notes) your C API programs will automatically receive the fixes. You will not have to recompile your C API applications, since C API programs link to the Domino or Notes core routines at run time.

    Linux missing header files.
    Please be advised that there are two header files missing in the Linux zip file. They are lapicinc.h and lapiplat.h