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Function : Error Handling
ERR - Mask off flag bits from STATUS value.

#include <globerr.h>

    STATUS  x);
Description :

The 16-bit value of a STATUS error code consists of the following fields:

1 bit: Flag bit - status message has been displayed 1 bit: Flag bit - status message came from a remote machine (i.e., a server) 6 bits: "Package" code or partial package code 8 bits: Status value or partial package code plus status value

The bit flag STS_REMOTE indicates that the error was detected on a remote Lotus Domino Server, rather than on the local machine. The bit flag STS_DISPLAYED indicates that some component of the system has already reported this error to the user, so your program probably does not need to.

The C API macro ERR() masks off these two bit flags, yielding an error code with just the subsystem identifier and the subsystem-specific error code. Use the macro ERR() to mask off these bits before passing a STATUS error code to OSLoadString, because these bits may prevent OSLoadString from interpreting the code correctly.

Note: This function is implemented as a macro:

define ERR(x) ((STATUS) (x & ERR_MASK))

Parameters : Input : x - STATUS error code returned from a C API function.

Output : (routine) - STATUS error code with flag bits masked off.