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Data Type : Composite Data
CDBAR - Defines the appearance of a collapsible section in a rich text field.

#include <editods.h>

Definition :

typedef struct {
   WSIG    Header;
   DWORD   Flags;
   FONTID  FontID;
/* Caption and name follow */

Description :

This structure defines the appearance of the bar used with collapsible sections.

Header: Defines this composite data item as a CDBAR item.
Flags: This can be set to any of the values that begin with BARREC_
FontID: Specifies the font, size, and color of the bar title. See FONTIDFIELDS for the definition of FontID.

If the BARREC_HAS_COLOR bit is set in the Flags field then immediately following this structure there will be a WORD that identifies the value of the color. This color value comes from the defines in the file COLORID.H that begin with NOTES_COLOR_xxx. If the BARREC_ISFORMULA bit is set in the Flags field then the next thing will be a formula, otherwise it will be the text of the title.

For collapsible sections indicated by a tab or a tab with a diagonal border, the CDBAR record (with its Flags member set to BARREC_BORDER_OTHER) is followed by a CDDATAFLAGS structure with its variable Flags data border set to BARREC_DATA_BORDER_TAB (for tab) or BARREC_DATA_BORDER_DIAG (for diagonal).

Note that CDBAR records reside in items of type TYPE_COMPOSITE. Therefore, API programs that run on non-Intel architecture platforms must perform host/canonical conversion on structures of this type when accessing these records in an item in a note.