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Symbolic Value : archiving service
ARCHSVC_LOG_xxx - Controls tracing/debug output These should be "FLAGS" so that we can get "just enough" output.

#include <archsvc.h>

Symbolic Values :

ARCHSVC_LOG_ERROR     -  Enables tracing on all error returns so that callers can see the origin of a low level API error.

ARCHSVC_LOG_DEBUG     -  Enables the debug dump of key data structures during the export/import process.

ARCHSVC_LOG_ENTRYEXIT     -  Logs the entry/exit of all archiving service functions along with argument and return values. This will help support pinpoint the cause of any errors that may occur.

Description :

The archiving functions have the ability to output trace information to the file specified in the DEBUG_OUTFILE notes ini setting. Tracing is enabled via the LOG_ARCHSVC notes ini variable.

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