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Data Type : Agents
CDACTIONSENDMAIL - Send Mail action CD record.

#include <queryods.h>

Definition :

typedef struct {
   WSIG  Header;
   DWORD dwFlags; /* flags */
   WORD  wFieldLen[ACTIONSENDMAIL_FIELDCOUNT]; /* Lengths for each of
                                                  the fields */
     /* To field follows */
  /* cc field follows */
  /* bcc field follows */
  /* Subject field follows */
     /* Body field follows */

Description :

The Send Mail action is stored in a CDACTIONSENDMAIL record in fields of type TYPE_ACTION, usually the action field of an Agent. The fields in this structure are:

      Header     SIG_ACTION_SENDMAIL and total record length
      dwFlags    ACTIONSENDMAIL_FLAG_xxx flags
      wFieldLen  Array of lengths for the send mail fields

    This record is followed by the string values for the send mail fields. These strings are not in packed format; each string has a NUL terminator, and may contain a padding byte if necessary to make the length an even number of bytes. The strings contain:
      To Recipient list
      Cc Courtesy copy recipient list
      Bcc "Blind" courtesy copy recipient list
      Subject Message subject
      Body Message body