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SE Fxxx


#include <nsfsearc.h>

Symbolic Values :

SE_FNOMATCH   -  Does not match formula (deleted or updated).

SE_FMATCH     -  Matches formula.

SE_FTRUNCATED     -  Document truncated.

SE_FPURGED    -  Note has been purged. Returned only when SEARCH_INCLUDE_PURGED is used.

SE_FNOPURGE   -  Note has no purge status. Returned only when SEARCH_FULL_DATACUTOFF is used.

SE_FSOFTDELETED   -  If SEARCH_NOTIFYDELETIONS: note is soft deleted; NoteClass&NOTE_CLASS_NOTIFYDELETION also on (off for hard delete).

SE_FLARGESUMMARY  -  note has a large summary, a note open is required to get the data, only valid if SEARCH1_LARGE_BUCKETS is passed in.

Description :

If recompiling a V3 API application and you used the MatchesFormula field the following code change should be made:
For V3 -
1) if (SearchMatch.MatchesFormula == SE_FMATCH)
2) if (SearchMatch.MatchesFormula == SE_FNOMATCH)
3) if (SearchMatch.MatchesFormula != SE_FMATCH) is equivalent to 2)
4) if (SearchMatch.MatchesFormula != SE_FNOMATCH) is equivalent to 1)
For V4 -
1) if (SearchMatch.SERetFlags & SE_FMATCH)
2) if (!(SearchMatch.SERetFlags & SE_FMATCH))