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FEXT xxx (Flags1)

Symbolic Value : Rich Text
FEXT_xxx (Flags1) - CDEXTFIELD - Flags1

#include <editods.h>

Symbolic Values :

FEXT_LOOKUP_EACHCHAR      -  Lookup name as each character is typed.

FEXT_KWSELRECALC      -  Recalc on new keyword selection.

FEXT_KWHINKYMINKY     -  Suppress showing field hinky minky.

FEXT_AFTERVALIDATION      -  Recalc after validation.

FEXT_ACCEPT_CARET     -  The first field with this bit set will accept the caret.

FEXT_KEYWORD_COLS_SHIFT   -  Number of bits to shift the Keyword Columns sub-field.

FEXT_KEYWORD_COLS_MASK    -  Bitmask used to read and write the Keyword Columns sub-field.

FEXT_KEYWORD_FRAME_3D     -  Display 3D background for keyword choices.

FEXT_KEYWORD_FRAME_STANDARD   -  Display simple frame around keyword choices.

FEXT_KEYWORD_FRAME_NONE   -  Display no background for keyword choices.

FEXT_KEYWORD_FRAME_MASK   -  Bitmask used to read and write the Keyword Frame Type sub-field.

FEXT_KEYWORD_FRAME_SHIFT      -  Number of bits to shift the Keyword Frame Type sub-field.

FEXT_KEYWORDS_UI_COMBO    -  Display keywords in a combo box.

FEXT_KEYWORDS_UI_LIST     -  Display keywords in a list box.

Description :

Flags for CDEXTFIELD Flags1. Note that the low word in Flags1 is not used.

The Keyword Columns sub-field specifies the number of columns to be used when displaying the options in a field of type Keyword as either checkboxes or radio buttons. The number of columns ranges from 1 through 8; the actual field value stored is (number of columns) - 1.

The Frame Type subfield specifies the type of background when checkbox or radio button keyword fields are displayed. "None" means no special background is displayed. "Standard" draws an outline around the options. "3D" draws a background as a box with 3-dimensional depth cues.