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Function : HTML
HTMLSetHTMLOptions - Set HTML Options

#include <htmlapi.h>

    const char *optionList[]);
Description :

1) In one notes document, you may have animation table and other style tables, besides, you may have sections, to specify the HTML Convertting options, you can determine the convertting behaviors and the convertting results of the HTML APIS. For example, you have have a below table in your notes document. Cell 1 Cell 2 cell 3 cell 4

If you don't specify the Option RowAtATimeTableAlt as 1, the html code you get will only show one table row for you.However, if you specify the option RowAtATimeTableAlt as 1, you will get the two table rows both appear.

2) You also have chance to do similar thing in the API HTMLSetDefaultArgs, some arguments you set will also affect the convertting behaviors of the HTML converter and the convertting result.

Parameters : Input : hHTML - The handle of HTML converter

optionList[] - The argument "optionList" is a NULL pointer terminated array of pointers to NULL terminated strings. * (argv structure). * Each entry represents a name=value pair, with "name" the name of an HTMLOption. * The options override options with the same name that were specified in the notes.ini * or on the form (using the $$HTMLOptions field). * * Current Set of HTMLOptions: * ForceSectionExpand - 1 = expand all sections in the generated html * ForceOutlineExpand - 1 = expand all outlines in the generated html * RowAtATimeTableAlt - 1 = alternate representation for row-at-a time tables * that shows all of the rows and the tab label. */

Output : (routine) - Return status from this call. NOERROR - Successful. ERR_xxx - Errors returned by lower level functions. Call to OSLoadString to interpret the error status as a string that you may display/log for the user.

Sample Usage :

const char* HTMLOption[4] = {"ForceSectionExpand=1",
       "ForceOutlineExpand=1", NULL};
  if(nstat = HTMLSetHTMLOptions(cvtr, HTMLOption))
See Also : HTMLGetProperty HTMLHANDLE HTMLSetProperty