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Function : Agents
AgentQueryStdoutBuffer - Returns a Handle to redirected LotusScript Agent output.

#include <agents.h>
void LNPUBLIC AgentQueryStdoutBuffer(

    HAGENTCTX  hAgentCtx,
    DHANDLE FAR *retHdl,
    DWORD FAR *retSize);
Description :

This routine will return a handle and byte length of a buffer containing the redirected standard output of a LotusScript based agent. Only output redirection to an in-memory buffer that has been configured for the specified Agent runtime context, via AgentRedirectStdout(), is accessible by this routine.

Parameters : Input : hAgentCtx - Handle to the Agent runtime context.

Output : retHdl - Handle to redirected standard output buffer. This handle is owned by Notes and must not be freed by the API program.

retSize - Byte length of retrieved buffer.

Sample Usage :

   HAGENT        hOpenAgent
   HAGENTCTX       hOpenAgentCtx
   DHANDLE          hStdout;
   DWORD           dwLen;
   char            *pStdout;
   STATUS          error = NOERROR;
   /* agent run handle and runtime context handle already created */
   error = AgentRedirectStdout (hOpenAgentCtx, AGENT_REDIR_MEMORY))
   error = AgentRun (hOpenAgent, hOpenAgentCtx, (DHANDLE) 0, (DWORD) 0);
   AgentQueryStdoutBuffer (hOpenAgentCtx, &hStdout, &dwLen);
   pStdout = OSLock(char, hStdout);
   printf("Redirected PRINT statements:%s\n", pStdout);
See Also : AgentCreateRunContext AgentRedirectStdout HAGENTCTX