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Data Type : Rich Text
FONTID - Controls how text is displayed in Rich Text.

#include <global.h>

Definition :


Description :

Identifier used to select a particular font to be used when displaying a portion of a Rich Text item. Each portion or 'text run' you construct may reference any one of the commonly available typefaces used by the Notes workstation application. If you are dealing with existing Rich Text, then the typeface was probably established by the form designer, another API application, or the latest document author.

The particular font value is contained in one byte of the FONTID portion of the header of each CDTEXT record. Other bytes in the FONTID control the point size, display attributes, and color to be used. For a description of these fields, see the entry FONTIDFIELDS. The Notes workstation application uses this information to present each text run in each Rich Text field of a document. There are several convenient macros in FONTID.H that allow you to modify the individual bits of a FONTID, thereby controlling how text will be displayed.