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Data Type : Composite Data
CDPRETABLEBEGIN - Specifies additional table properties.

#include <editods.h>

Definition :

typedef struct {
   WSIG        Header;
   DWORD       Flags;
   BYTE        Rows;
   BYTE        Columns;
   DWORD       ColumnSizingBits1;
   DWORD       ColumnSizingBits2;
   BYTE        ViewerType;
   BYTE        Spare;
   WORD        MinRowHeight;
   WORD        Spares[1];
   DWORD       StyleColor1;
   DWORD       StyleColor2;
   COLOR_VALUE InnerBorderColor;
   WORD        NameLength;
    /* NOTE: The following lengths can not be used.  Previous versions of 
      are not setup to deal with any length beyond the name length.
      Hang will occur if they are used and you try to open the document
      on a previous version of Notes.  In the same light, this sturcture's
      size can not be changed, no additional items of variable length
      can be added.

      The words could simply be used as word storage.  They just can
      not be useds as lengths.
   WORD        ImagePacketLength;
   WORD        RowLabelDataLength;

Description :

This CD record provides additional table properties, expanding the information provided in CDTABLEBEGIN. It will only be recognized in Domino versions 5.0 and greater. This record will be ignored in pre 5.0 versions.

WSIG Header Signature and length of this record
DWORD Flags See CDPRETABLE_xxx flags
BYTE Rows Number of rows
BYTE Columns Number of columns
DWORD ColumnSizingBits1 Keep track of variable or fixed length columns
DWORD ColumnSizingBits2 Keep track of variable or fixed length columns
BYTE ViewerType Special table row display values. SeeCDTABLEVIEWER_xxx flags
BYTE Spare Not currently used. Set to 0.
WORD MinRowHeight Minimum row height
WORD Spares[1] Not currently used. Set to 0.
DWORD StyleColor1 First color in table/cell background color scheme
DWORD StyleColor2 Second color in table/cell background color scheme
COLOR_VALUE InnerBorderColor Inner border color
WORD NameLength HTML Tag Name/ID Length
WORD ImagePacketLength Image Packet Length
WORD RowLabelDataLength Row Label Data Length

If the NameLength member of this structure is greater than 0, then the table's HTML Tag Name/ID immediately follows this structure. This is then followed by the Image Packet data (if ImagePacketLength is greater than 0), followed by the Row Label data (if RowLabelDataLength is greater than 0).

The SyleColor1 and StyleColor2 members of this structure are each stored as a 3-byte RGB value: Red (byte 0), Green (byte 1), and Blue (byte 2). Each byte is a color value in the range 0 to 0xff. For example, 0xff0000 specifies blue, 0x00ff00 specifies green, and 0x0000ff specifies red. The Flags setting in the CDTABLEBEGIN structure determines how StyleColor1 and StyleColor2 are used by the Notes client. For example, if you specify CDTABLE_ALTERNATINGROWS in the Flags member of the CDTABLEBEGIN structure, then StyleColor1 and StyleColor2 specify the two alternating background colors of the rows.