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Data Type : Events
EVENT_DATA - Data structure used by the event handling routines.

#include <event.h>

Definition :

typedef struct  {
     DWORD Links[3];   /* Reserved - used to link this struct onto queues */
     char OriginatingServerName[MAXUSERNAME]; /* Server name (only if event 
relayed to another server) */
     WORD Version;   /* EVENT_VERSION */
     WORD ErrorCode;   /* Error code (any values) associated with this 
event */
     WORD AdditionalErrorCode; /* Additional Error code (any values) 
associated with this event */
     WORD AddinNameLength;  /* Length of AddinName at end of structure */
     WORD Type;    /* EVT_xxx */
     WORD Severity;   /* SEV_xxx */
     TIMEDATE EventTime;  /* Time/date event was generated */
     WORD FormatSpecifier;  /* FMT_xxx (format of event data which follows) 
     WORD EventDataLength;  /* Length of event data which follows */
     BYTE EventSpecificData;  /* (First byte of) Event Data which 
follows... */
          /* (AddinName string follows...) */

Description :

This data structure contains all the data necessary to define an event. A handle to an EVENT_DATA structure is returned as output by the function EventQueueGet.

See Also : EventDeregisterEventRequest EventGetDestName EventQueueAlloc EventQueueFree EventQueueGet EventQueuePut EventRegisterEventRequest EVT_xxx SEV_xxx