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Function : MIME
MMSetMacAttachEncoding - set Conversion Controls 'Mac attachment encoding' setting.

#include <mailmisc.h>
void LNPUBLIC MMSetMacAttachEncoding(

    WORD  wMacAttachEncoding);
Description :

The function MMSetMacAttachEncoding sets the Conversions Controls 'Mac attachment encoding' setting to the input value, wMacAttachEncoding. No checking is done for out of bounds values.

Parameters : Input : hCC - a handle to a Conversion Controls context from a previous call to MMCreateConvControls.

wMacAttachEncoding - the value to use for the Conversion Controls 'Mac attachment encoding' setting.

Output : (routine) - void

Sample Usage :

MMSetMacAttachEncoding(hCC, 0); /* CD to MIME conversion */
        /* 1 - MultiPart/AppleDouble (default) */
        /* 2 - Application/Mac-BinHex40 */
See Also : MMGetMacAttachEncoding CCHANDLE