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Function : OS Environment Variables
OSGetEnvironmentLong - Return "long" value of an environment variable.

#include <osenv.h>
long LNPUBLIC OSGetEnvironmentLong(

    const char far *VariableName);
Description :

This function takes the specified environment string, converts the text associated with it into type "long", and returns that value to the current context.

Domino or Notes environment variables are stored in notes.ini, and can be set from the Lotus Domino Server via the SET CONFIG console command.

Example (from Server Console): SET CONFIG TEST_LONG=74000

Parameters : Input : VariableName - Pointer to name of the environment variable (null-terminated, case-insensitive).

Output : (routine) - Long integer value of variable; 0 if variable is not found or is not numeric.

See Also : OSGetEnvironmentInt OSGetEnvironmentString OSSetEnvironmentVariable OSSetEnvironmentInt