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Function : Administration Process
ADMINReqRenameExt - Create a "Rename Person in Address Book" request.

#include <adminp.h>

    HCERTIFIER  hCertCtx,
    DBHANDLE  dbhNab,
    NOTEHANDLE  nhNote,
    char far *pFirstName,
    char far *pMiddleInitial,
    char far *pLastName,
    char far *pOU,
    char far *pShortName,
    char far *pINetAddr,
    BOOL far *retfWeLoggedThisEntry,
    BOOL far *retfFatalError,
    ADMINReqParams far *arpAdminReqParamsPtr,
    WORD  wAdminReqParamsSize);
Description :

This function creates a "Rename Person in Address Book" request the Administration Requests database (admin4.nsf).

Parameters : Input : hCertCtx - Handle to the current certifier context of the entity.

dbhNab - Handle to the Domino Directory (Server's Address book) .

nhNote - Handle to the note(person document) specifying the entity to be renamed.

pFirstName - New first name (MUST be NULL if it's not a person entry).

pMiddleInitial - New middle initial (MUST be NULL if it's not a person entry).

pLastName - New last name.

pOU - New unique organization, if any, otherwise NULL.

pShortName - new unique short name, if any, otherwise NULL.

pINetAddr - new unique internet address, if any, otherwise NULL.

arpAdminReqParamsPtr - Pointer to an ADMINReqParams structure.

wAdminReqParamsSize - Size of the buffer (ADMINReqParams structure) that the arpAdminReqParamsPtr parameter points to.

Output : (routine) - Return status of the call - indicates either success or what the error is. The return error codes include:


ERR_xxx - Error returned by lower level functions. Call OSLoadString to interpret code.

retfWeLoggedThisEntry - TRUE if request has been recorded in the certification log.

retfFatalError - TRUE if an error occurred that would probably apply to many similar requests, e.g., can't even read the request DB.

Sample Usage :

if (error = NSFDbOpen (FullDBPath, &hNABook))
 return (ERR(error));

if (error = REGFindAddressBookEntry (hNABook, 
 NSFDbClose (hNABook);
 return (ERR(error));

if (error = NSFNoteOpen(hNABook, NoteID, 0, &nhNote))
 NSFDbClose (hNABook);
 return (ERR(error));

if (error = GetCertCtx(CERT_ID, &hCertCtx, "password"))
 NSFDbClose (hNABook);
 return (ERR(error));

if (error = ADMINReqRenameExt( 
 "Joan",   /* New first name */
 "J",   /* New middle initial */
 "User",   /* New last name */
 "dadmin", /* New unique short name */
 "", /* New unique internet address */
 sizeof(ARPptr)) )
 SECKFMFreeCertifierCtx (hCertCtx);
 NSFDbClose (hNABook);
 return (ERR(error));
See Also : ADMINReqRename ADMINReqChkAccessNewReplica ADMINReqDeleteInACL ADMINReqDeleteInNAB ADMINReqMoveComplete ADMINReqMoveUserInHier ADMINReqParams ADMINReqRecertify ADMINReqUpgradeToHier