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LOG xxx

Symbolic Value : Log
LOG_xxx - Public log flags.

#include <log.h>

Symbolic Values :

LOG_LEAVE_LOCKED      -  The log entry is not written to disk until it is completed. Can be used with LogAddText, LogAddNumberItem, LogAddTextlistItem, LogAddTimeItem and LogEventExt.

LOG_AUTO_ROLLOVER     -  Auto-rollover. Can be used with LogAddText.

LOG_TO_CONSOLE    -  Output log entry to console. Can be used with LogAddText.

LOG_ADD_TIMESTAMP     -  Add a timestamp to the message. Can be used with LogAddText if the LogEntry parameter is LOG_EVENT_ENTRY and the ItemName parameter is LOG_ITEM_EVENTS.

LOG_FORMATTED_TEXT    -  Text is already formatted. Can be used with LogAddText.

LOG_ITEM_NONSUMMARY   -  Make the item non summary.

Description :

These flags can be used with the LogAdd functions for additional specifications about a log entry.

See Also : LogAddNumberItem LogAddText LogAddTextlistItem LogAddTimeItem