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NLS translate

Function : Character Manipulation
NLS_translate - Character encoding translation routine.

#include <nls.h>

    BYTE far *pString,
    WORD  Len,
    BYTE far *pStringTarget,
    WORD far *pSize,
    WORD  ControlFlags,
    NLS_PINFO  pInfo);
Description :

NLS_translate translates the SOURCE input string and puts the resulting translation into the TARGET output string. ControlFlags control how the translation is performed (e.g. LMBCS to UNICODE). See the symbolic value NLS_xxx (TRANSLATE) for a complete list of control flags.

The Len argument is either the actual byte-count length of the SOURCE input string or, NLS_NULLTERM. NLS_NULLTERM means that the input string IS NULL terminated and thus, the string's length can be calculated via some flavor of strlen(). Otherwise the Len value is used as the SOURCE input string's actual length.

Parameters : Input : pString - The SOURCE input string.

Len - Length in bytes of input string. If the string is null terminated, you may set this to NLS_NULLTERM.

pSize - Size in bytes of output buffer.

ControlFlags - Flags to govern how translation is performed.

pInfo - Pointer to a populated NLS_INFO structure.

Output : (routine) - NLS_SUCCESS NLS_BADPARM

pStringTarget - Pointer to the TARGET output buffer containing resultant data.

pSize - The actual number of bytes written to the output buffer.

See Also : NLS_load_charset NLS_xxx (TRANSLATE)