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Function : Dir
DirEntryUpdate - Update the in-memory hEntry object to the directory, committing all the changes that have been made.

#include <direntry.h>

    DIRENTRY  hEntry);
Description :

If the hEntry was just created with a DirCtxCreateDominoPerson() operation and the specified domainName is a Domino directory, then a new entry is created with the specified DN. If it is an LDAP directory then a new entry is created with the specified distinguishedName and notesDNs If an entry by the same DN or notesDN exists in the relevant directory then an error is returned. On return all changes queued up in the hEntry by item add, delete, replace operations are cleared so the caller is free to use the same hEntry to make further changes.

Parameters : Input : hEntry - Handle to the person entry to update.

Output : (routine) - An ERR status on failure indicating the problem.

See Also : DirEntryItemAdd DirEntryItemDelete