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Data Type : Basic Encoding Rules
Berval - Structure for returning a sequence of octet strings + length

#include <lber.h>

Definition :

typedef struct berval {
    ber_len_t  bv_len;
    char   *bv_val;
}  Berval;

Description :

A Berval structure represents binary data that is encoded using simplified Basic Encoding Rules (BER). The data and size of the data are included in a Berval structure as it contains a sequence of bytes and an indication of its length. Applications may allocate their own Berval structures.

    The fields in this structure are:

    bv_len The length of the data in bytes. This member must always be a nonnegative number.
    bv_val The pointer to the binary data. This member is not null terminated.

The Berval structure should be disposed of using ber_bvfree().

See Also : ber_bvfree ber_len_t