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Function : Extension Manager
NSFMarkReadEMCallback - Extension Manager callback for EM_NSFMARKREAD

#include <extmgr.h>

    HANDLE  hNote,
    NOTEID  NoteID);
Description :

EM_NSFMARKREAD is called when a note is opened for reading by the Notes client. It is called every time a note is opened for reading by the Notes client, not just when a document changes from UNREAD to READ. Note that this does not include other mechanisms that could result in a note being marked read. For example, EM_NSFMARKREAD is not called when a message is marked READ via the key or Edit/Unread Marks. It is also not called when a message is read or when a message is marked READ from a C API program.

This notification is useful in the implementation of Unified Messaging functionality in the Domino and Notes environment. See the Chapter on Unified Messaging Solutions in the User Guide for more information.

Note: You must not call NSFDbGetUnreadNoteTable in this routine. When this notification is trapped, the database semaphore is locked.
NSFDbGetUnreadNoteTable cannot acquire the database semaphore. Attempting to call NSFDbGetUnreadNoteTable will result in a deadlock.

Parameters : Input : hDB - Handle of database containing note being marked

hNote - Handle to note being marked read

NoteID - NoteID of the note being marked read

Output : (routine) - ERR_EM_CONTINUE

See Also : EM_xxx NSFAddToFolderEMCallback